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    Dispelling Real Estate Myths

    Real estate myths are all over the web, and it can be really challenging when they mislead you to poor choices and misinformation. In order to save you from the potential losses of a major financial mistake, we’re sharing with you three real estate myths:

    • Listing above market value means more profit. Though it’s tempting to list for above the listing price or you have a tough real estate professional to stand as your negotiator, attempting to ask for more than the market value can cause your listing to be ignored; especially for specific locations and areas outside high-demand cities.
    • Small profits isn’t a big deal. Always consider the investment that you have on the property. Never overlook the amount of effort, time and money invested which must always be weighed in to making the deal in order to prevent potential resource losses and guarantee at least a break even return of investment.
    • Buying without an agent gets you a better deal. The price of home listed with an agent incorporates the sales commission, which means that a buyer never gets a discount negotiating without an agent.

    Be open to accurate information related to negotiating your real estate transactions.Make sure to have a trusted partner real estate professional to educate you to making wise decisions, give me a call at (704) 237-0313 or (704) 617-0847.

    Source: Bigger Pockets

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