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    3 Best Dog-Friendly Parks You Must Visit

    On this lovely Saturday, take your canine best friend out to play fetch; it’s National Fetch Day! Celebrate today by spending some quality time with your dog. To make is special, we’re listing top three parks that you can go and visit with your furry friend in Charlotte.

    • Davie Dog Park at William R. Davie District Park in 43635 Pineville – Matthew Road, with a 5-acres, the largest dog park in South Park in Charlotte: fenced-in and off-leash area, with divisions for large dogs with weight greater than 20 lbs, and small dogs weighing less than 20 lbs, covered in honeysuckle which covers the irky dog smell. Beside the dog park, William R. Davie District park also has 107 acres of recreational area for the family; equipped with facilities including: volleyball court, basketball court, softball court, walking trails, horseshoe pits, and shelters, which makes it a family favorite.
    • Dog Park at Frazier Park in 1201 West Fourth Street Extension, with a beautiful shady 1.3 acres dog park with the same separation for small and large dogs, and a public water supply that no longer requires you to bring water from home for doggie drinks. Frazier Park, in its 13.5 acres, also has a playground, greenway trail, basketball court, tennis court, a multi-purpose field, and renowned community garden with 10×15 garden plots for rent.
    • Reedy Creek Park at Barkingham Park  in 2900 Rocky River Road, with 4 acres, fenced-in, off-leash area for dogs, that will keep your best friend busy with the available toys and plastic swimming pools. The area also has a water station to keep the dogs hydrated during their fun play. Also, the Barkingham Park has a lakeside meadow, a basketball court, two softball courts, a soccer field, a cricket field, two horseshoe pits, four volleyball court, a community garden, a golf course, three ponds, a fishing pier, nine outdoor picnic shelters, an indoor picnic shelter, two playgrounds, a nature center, and an adjacent nature preserve.

    There are numerous other places within Charlotte that you can explore with your furry friend. If you are looking home to move in within the area, partner with a real estate professional who understands you; give me a call at (704) 237-0313 or (704) 617-0847.

    Source: Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

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